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Bernie Sanders Tells Kids to ‘Drag’ Friends To Vote

November 6, 2016
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Shutterstock 161105-Mak-Clinton-Sanders-tease Bernie Sanders made a final pitch to his biggest fans on a Saturday conference call telling them to get their friends out to vote. With just three days before the election Hillary Clinton is pulling out all the stops to get millennial voters to go and vote, with events featuring Katy Perry, Jay Z and Beyonce. But the biggest star she's got in her repertoire might still be Bernie Sanders. Clinton and her former Democratic primary nemesis gathered on a conference call Saturday afternoon -- because,of course, there’s nothing young people love more than weekend conference calls -- to encourage millennials to head to the polls. "Hillary Clinton's views are far, far, fare superior from anywhere Donald Trump is coming from," the self-described socialist argued. Warning of an "oligarchy" in the United States that would mean young people lie "in a country where a handful of billionaires are in control of our economic and political life," Sanders said that the stakes were "enormously high" in this election. "I hope all of you know that change never comes from the top on down,” Sanders told millennial voters on the call. “Any important change in America comes from the bottom on up." Both Clinton and Sanders emphasized issues they hope will resonate with younger voters: ending voter suppression, addressing Climate change, limiting...

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