Booze and candy: Kids find ways to drink in school

February 5, 2017
in Kids

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It seems young people and even more specifically, teens, are finding alternative ways to consume alcohol in school. Sometimes it happens in front of the teacher without them even knowing. Ever heard of ‘vodka gummies’? They’ve been used by party-goers over the years but it seems they are making their way into our kids’ classrooms. Debra Hodges says her child is a student in Mecklenburg County. Hodges says it’s a daily battle to keep kids safe and away from temptation. “I think everybody should make their children aware of the consequences of drinking alcohol and how important education is at school,” Hodges explained. Police say teens are soaking gummy bears or gummy worms in vodka and then they consume them in the classroom. The teachers often times don’t pick up...

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