Flipping,Water bottle

Bottle flipping is all the rage among kids, which means grown-ups don’t know what to make of it

November 3, 2016
in Kids

Rosie Panenka, 10, left to right, Sadie Grogan, 11, and Eliza Mellon, 10, flip water bottles in an attempt to land them upright on a table. Joel Page/Staff Photographer FREEPORT — Kids were throwing half-filled plastic water bottles all over the place at Freeport Middle School on Friday – in the cafeteria, the hallways and the stairwells. And Principal Ray Grogan couldn’t have been happier. “It’s something they’re doing anyway, so we wanted to figure out a way to embrace it,” said Grogan, as the clunks and thuds of water bottles echoed through the halls. Bottle-flipping – flipping a partially filled plastic water bottle so that it rotates in the air and lands on end, in increasingly complicated scenarios – became a mania among middle and high schoolers last spring. Adults have either shaken their heads wondering what kids see in it, or they’ve told the flippers to “take it outside.” So Freeport Middle School’s approach is somewhat novel, and appreciated by flipping fanatics. Grogan’s staff and students turned their school into a flipper’s paradise Friday night. The first floor was transformed into a water-bottle golf course, where about 45 students tried to flip and land their bottles in various spots – on shelves, window ledges, tables or stairs – in the fewest tries. Like golfers, they moved from hole to hole in groups and kept score on a scorecard. And took a mulligan once in a while. “My parents make me practice in the garage,” said Bobby Strong, 11 and in the sixth grade. “It’s fun to be able to do it in school. It’s just something I like to do when I’m bored, and when I want a challenge.” The bottle-flipping movement began last May with Michael Senatore, an 18-year-old North Carolina high school student who did a bottle flip for his school’s talent show. The video of him on YouTube got millions of hits, and got Senatore on “The Late Show with Stephen...

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