Brooklyn Transit Museum's ‘Subway Sleuths’ program help autistic children learn, grow

November 14, 2016
in Kids

Ian Aquino, 9, at the Transit Museum in Brooklyn, where he participates in the museum's Subway Sleuth program. At age 9, Ian Aquino knows how to stay safe on a subway. The Harlem boy knows not to walk between cars, because “you’ll be in bad trouble” and fall onto the tracks. He doesn’t lean on the door and he knows to keep his hands off trains in the station. But when he’s in the Transit Museum in Brooklyn, Ian can go wherever his curiosity takes him. “You can touch the trains here!” he said. “You get to go onto any train.” Susana Montes, 46 and her son Ian Aquino, 9, at the Transit Museum in Brooklyn. Ian, who is autistic, is fascinated by the subway. He especially likes the way it moves, demonstrating by sprinting up the middle of a vintage train car and making the noise of a speeding train. His mother, Susana Montes, has nurtured his interest by enrolling him in the museum’s...

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