Build your kids up

January 30, 2017
in Kids

in front of your kids Shut up. Should you be eating that? Life was easier before we had kids. I have the problem child. I looked so good before kids. Look what having babies did to me. High self-esteem in kids can help them feel more confident, excel in school and foster independence. So how do you build up your child’s self-esteem? The key is to provide a nurturing environment and to be mindful of the things you say in front of them, experts say. “Self-esteem is an indicator of our overall mental health,” says Bethany Juhl, school counselor, Humboldt Elementary. “Low self-esteem can lead to mental-health issues like depression.” Good mental health and self-esteem makes kids feel more confident, understood and accepted. “It can help them become more successful,” says Katie Buchs, human development and family studies specialist with University...

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