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Cardboard Tube Pirate Craft

January 9, 2017
in Kids

This fun pirate craft for kids doubles as a finger puppet. Make several with your friends, using different colored paper for each one and make an entire scurvy crew. Make it a full afternoon of being a pirate by making this play sword as well! Pirate Craft from a Cardboard Tube If you're going to play like a pirate, you have to be able to talk like one too. Here are some pirate sayings and what they mean! Ahoy Matey! (Hello friend or shipmate) Shiver Me Timbers! (exclamation of surprise) Me hearty (my friend) Seadog (experienced seaman) Avast (stop and look) Aye Aye (yes, I ™ll do it) Booty (treasure) Landlubber (person who lives or works on...

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