Cash for courgettes! How to bribe kids to eat greens

January 16, 2017
in Kids

It’s an age-old question in parenting: how to get your children to eat more greens? Or indeed, any greens. Or just one pea will do … even if it’s swimming in ketchup. With figures showing that one in 10 British pupils are obese when they start primary school and only one in five children eat vegetables every day, the issue of how to get kids to eat healthy continues to be fiercely debated. The answer, according to obesity campaigner Tam Fry, is controversial: bribe them with cash. The spokesperson for the National Obesity Forum suggests that putting small amounts of money into a bank account in exchange for a child eating greens could be a solution to the obesity crisis. It’s not the first time bribery – or, if you prefer, a reward system – has been touted as a way to combat obesity. In 2016, a study published in the US journal Health Economics gave 8,000 school children 25 cents for eating healthily. The results showed the number of children eating at least one serving of fruit or veg doubled. However,...

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