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Children share heartbreaking last photo of terminally ill parents

February 14, 2017
in Kids

Thousands of strangers from around the world are rallying around three siblings who lost both of their parents within the span of five days. Their heartbreaking story spread online last week after the siblings — Oliver, 13, Hannah, 18, and Luke, 21 — shared a photo of their parents’ final goodbye at a hospice in Merseyside in the U.K. Nurses at St. John’s Hospice pushed their beds together so Mike Bennet, 57, and his wife, Julie, 50, would be able to hold hands one last time. “It was a really unique situation,” family spokesperson and friend Heather Heaten Gallagher told CBS News. “People kept asking the kids, ‘How are they? How’s mom? How’s dad?’ This was their way of sharing the news.” For the past three years, Mike, a cabinetmaker who loved to make wood furniture, had been fighting a brain tumor. He tried every treatment doctors suggested, but the tumor kept growing. Then in May, Julie, a primary school teacher, was diagnosed with kidney and liver cancer. The cancer spread “everywhere,” but that didn’t...

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