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Christmas grinch steals car filled with kids' presents

December 28, 2016
in Kids

A Pierce County family says thieves stole both their car and their holiday spirit, just one day before Christmas. That's because the trunk was filled with Christmas presents when it was taken. "I didn't want to put the presents under the tree yet because of my little one," said Mercede Hall. "So I figured the safest spot is to hide all the presents in the trunk and surprise the kids the next day for Christmas." If she could do it over again, Hall says she would've brought the gifts inside. She knew something was wrong the moment she woke up on Christmas Eve morning. "I looked out, and I saw my parking spot was empty and it was just the most horrific feeling," she said. She spent the rest of the day explaining to her 11-year-old son why he wouldn't be getting any presents on Christmas. Hall also checked to see if her Tacoma apartment complex had caught the theft on surveillance cameras. She was disappointed...

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