Circuit Cubes make engineering basics a snap for kids

January 8, 2017
in Kids

Kids that fall in love with technology and engineering have never had it better. There's no shortage of websites and tutorial videos and hardware kits meant to teach them the fundamentals of crafting their very own gadgets, but I'd argue few are as elegant -- or as fun -- as Tenka Labs' Circuit Cubes. They're tiny modules laden with magnets, batteries, sensors and other fun little components, but since they're cubes, they allow players to build complex, multifunctional structures in three dimensions. Imagine a mash-up between LittleBits and Lego and you're on the right track. In fact, the Cubes have more in common with Lego than just their build-friendly concept. Each of them is designed to fit connect perfectly to standard Lego blocks, meaning kids (or you, or anyone) can build even more elaborate structures by taking a couple kits and smashing them all together. Tenka Labs' booth in Eureka park was a testament...

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