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De Blasio admin, Children’s Services collaborate on new policy with NYC schools to track abused kids

October 30, 2016
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ACS Senior Advisor for Investigations Susan Morley is collaborating with the Mayor de Blasio administration, NYPD, and city schools to create a new policy that will require daily school attendance monitoring of students with past ACS records.

The de Blasio administration, reeling from the beating death of 6-year-old Zymere Perkins, unveiled a joint effort with city schools to track abused kids, the Daily News has learned.

The Administration for Children’s Services will coordinate with the Department of Education and the NYPD to close some gaps that left kids at risk, according to the mayor’s office.

We recognize that keeping kids safe is — and should be collaborative work,” said mayoral spokeswoman Aja Worthy-Dav

The new guidelines require daily school attendance monitoring of students with previous substantiated ACS cases. Three consecutive absences require contact with the child’s family.

For kids with an open ACS abuse or neglect investigation, contact with the family will now be required after a single absence.

The city Medical Examiner's Office said Thursday that Zymere Perkins' Sept. 26 death was a homicide.

The new policy will raise red flags “based on warning signs” detected at the school.

ACS must be notified if the family can’t be reached or provide a credible excuse for the absence.

School nurses will be required to take photos of suspected child abuse injuries, and ACS will provide monthly data to the DOE on all students involved with the agency — including those who are possible child abuse victims. The data collection will begin this week.

ACS Senior Advisor for Investigations Susan Morley will now command an Instant Response Team to handle the most serious abuse cases where the police and the child welfare agency both respond.

Zymere Perkins', 6, fatal beating case forced NYC and ACS officials to close the gap of overlooked abused kids.

The new protocols will “establish (a) more aggressive oversight process and improve coordination between ACS and NYPD on serious physical injury cases,” according to the new guidelines.

ACS came under recent scrutiny after the savage broomstick beating of helpless Zymere in late September.

The agency had investigated Perkins’ mom and her hulking boyfriend on five occasions before the fatal attack, the Daily News reported.

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