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Dear Abby: Mom panhandling with kids perturbs

November 2, 2016
in Kids

DEAR ABBY: I went to the market the other day, and there was a woman sitting on the sidewalk with two children — a boy who looked to be about 6 and a girl about 2. She was holding a sign asking for help ($). I wanted so badly to say something to her about what a poor example she was setting for her children by begging. It made me angry because I imagine she’s using her kids as “props” to evoke sympathy. This is a nice area. I would think she could better present herself to her kids by looking for a job! Promoted Stories from celebChatter What would have been an appropriate comment to make to her that might help put her on the right track to show her kids how to grow up to be responsible people who work for a living? — LOOKING OUT FOR CHILDREN IN IRVINE, CALIF. DEAR LOOKING: It’s wrong to assume anything when you see someone who is panhandling. The woman you saw could have been homeless, drug-addicted, short on money or mentally ill. She could also have fled an abusive husband or partner. That’s why it’s inappropriate to scold or lecture a panhandler. If you had said anything at all, you might have offered that there are dozens of shelters and organizations in Irvine that help the unfortunate, and if she reached out...

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