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Detroit Public TV launches 24/7 PBS Kids channel Monday

January 14, 2017
in Kids

Starting Monday, you can turn on the TV and watch PBS children's shows any time of day, whether it's "WordGirl" at 7:30 a.m., "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" at 4:30 p.m. or "Sesame Street" at 10 p.m. A new round-the-clock channel is launching on Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Detroit Public Television (WTVS, Channel 56) and many other PBS stations across the country. Devoted solely to PBS Kids programming, the gold standard in the industry, it will air here on Detroit Public TV's 56.2 subchannel (one of the additional broadcast channels created in the switch from analog to digital in 2009). Some cable channel packages carry the channel, but it varies by system and locale. The introduction will require changes to the current Detroit Public TV subchannel lineup. The Create subchannel will move to 56.3 and the World subchannel to 56.4. Read more: Viewers also will be able to...

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