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Disa NYC: kids clothing created by mom, by hand

October 11, 2016
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NEW YORK (FOX 5 NY) - In an era of fast fashion, one local mom is slowing things down, designing limited edition kids clothes by hand. And in the middle of building that business, she stumbled on another one: a networking community for the fashion industry. Now she's running both of them, our of her Brooklyn apartment. Her inspiration? Her children.

Daria Einhorn started Disa NYC to create the kind of clothes her boys would love to wear. Things like sweatpants with an outer space print, because like a lot of other kids, her boys are crazy about space.

The brand is about as small and organic as kids clothes come. Daria drew the space sweats by hand and had a little company print the design with non-toxic water-based paints and dyes. She only uses natural fabrics like linen and cotton, and organic fabrics when available.

Disa NYC: kids clothing created by mom, by hand

Disa NYC tops start at $30, bottoms start at $40. They make their own patterns, designs, samples, and prints. Everything is sewn by hand here in New York.

Daria says she is naturally drawn to muted, unisex colors. So you'll see a lot of grays, light blues, and ivories in her line. She makes 5 of each piece per size, 18 months to size 6.

No two pieces are alike, from a dress inspired by the uniform she wore as a child in Moscow, Russia, to her favorite piece, the Sydney Jacket which is all organic with star appliques and a super soft lining.

The clothing isn't mass-produced, and most important to Daria, it's not produced by children. A big part of why she started the business was that she didn't want her kids' clothes produced by child labor.

A newcomer in fashion design, with a degree in business, Daria says she is learning as she goes. She even created a side business long the way, Grade. It's an online networking community for the fashion industry.

Daria says you can use Grade to collaborate, network, research, discuss fashion and fashion shows, but most importantly seek advice, look for jobs and grow your network in a meaningful way.

As for growing Disa NYC, Daria says, since having a third child this year, she wants to expand her line to include baby clothing and accessories. She also wants to keep building Grade into a community that can help other people looking to forge their way in the fashion industry.

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