Discount Diva: Helping kids to deal with the word ‘no’

January 15, 2017
in Kids

Remember how people were spending $250 in the resale market just a few weeks ago to buy their kids Hatchimals for Christmas? You know, those furry, robotic birds that peck their way out of an egg, then talk and interact like a Furby? Well, get this. I heard from one mom who said her kids abandoned their Hatchimals before they were even out of the shell. They were still flashing and cooing and chirping away – and her kids could not have cared less. My daughter wanted a Hatchimal, too. She didn’t get one. And you know what her favorite Christmas present ended up being? A $5 bag of soap with a plastic goldfish inside that Santa bought one night at Wegmans. Do you know how mad I would’ve been if I had spent $250 on a Hatchimal and all she wanted to do was sit in the tub with her dang soap? Even though we’re reasonable about the number of presents we buy for the kids, they still wind up loaded like Kardashians by the time the holidays are over. They have so many toys right now, there is literally no place to put them. The...

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