Donald Trump,Bụi đời

Donald Trump is our next president. What do we tell the children?

November 9, 2016
in Kids

Republican President-elect Donald Trump arrives to speak at his election night party at the New York Hilton Midtown in New York City. (Jim Watson / AFP/Getty Images) “My kid went to bed believing in the best of America,” wrote one of my friends. “I can't bear to wake him up.” That could be said of many disbelieving supporters of Hillary Clinton. America has elected Donald Trump as its next president. And the question that has surfaced across social media among so many who voted for Clinton – besides “How did this happen?” – is what to tell our children. Parents always want to be able to say to their children, “You are safe.” But at this moment, there are millions of Americans who cannot say that convincingly, even to themselves. Live U.S. election results | Live California election results Throughout the campaign, the veneer of civility was ripped away, revealing a coarseness, misogyny, xenophobia and racial hatred that had apparently percolated below the surface in so many corners undetected. Parents struggled to contextualize for their children that a candidate for the highest office in the country displayed the very vulgarity and bullying behavior many families and schools worked so hard to combat. In my own social feed, some have said they’ll tell their...

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