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Dougherty: White Plains refuses to put kids on ice

January 12, 2017
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Instead of cutting eight prospects after hockey tryouts, longtime coach Howie Rubenstein decided to use a taxi squad Buy Photo Nobody likes playing the numbers game. After completing a week of tryouts back in November, longtime White Plains hockey coach Howie Rubenstein was faced with the cruel task of cutting up to eight hopeful student athletes who came to Ebersole Ice Rink with more enthusiasm than experience. The idea of parking those prospects in the bleachers was a source of anxiety. “We had more kids come out for hockey than I anticipated,” Rubenstein said. “We put a lot of thought into what could be done. I sat with our athletic director and we talked about the options. Really, we could only keep them or cut them.” There isn’t room for 28 players on the bench in any rink. And there was one important longstanding practice that would’ve been jeopardized by an unwieldy roster. “Except for the goalies, I make sure that everybody who dresses for a game gets to play,” Rubenstein added. “That has always been a philosophical thing for me, if you work hard in practice, you get at least one shift. I didn’t want to have to change that rule, but it would’ve been difficult to get that many kids in a game.” Competition is good, but sometimes we lose perspective. “It started to get stressful at the end of the week,” said Michael Perri, a sophomore forward who was skating on the borderline. “I was beginning to think...

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