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EXCLUSIVE: Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife Brooke Mueller headed to hospital, twins safe with nanny after actress runs off with kids

November 16, 2016
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Charlie Sheen’s twin sons are safe — and his ex-wife Brooke Mueller agreed to go with police to a hospital Wednesday, a family source told the Daily News. "Brooke and the boys are fine. She's getting the help she needs, and the boys are with their nanny," the source close to the situation said after reports claimed Mueller was shoeless and acting erratic around her kids in a Utah bar Tuesday night. "She did go off her meds and she needs to go back on them. She wasn't on anything last night, at least that we know of,” the source said without disclosing the type of medication at issue. The source said police made contact with Mueller early Wednesday, and she agreed to go with them to seek medical attention. "They said they’ll take her to the hospital so she can get back on the routine," the source said. "The boys were never without...

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