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Ex-Dolphin Channing Crowder loves fishing and helping kids

January 13, 2017
in Kids

When Channing Crowder was a linebacker for the Miami Dolphins, he looked forward to training camp two-a-days at the team's practice facility at Nova Southeastern University in Davie. "You have about two hours off between practices to go rest, but a lot of people didn't know that the Nova Southeastern campus had a bunch of big snook and bass and stuff in there," said Crowder, who had been drafted out of the University of Florida by Nick Saban. "So between practices I'd go to my truck, get my pole and go out there and catch some fish. "Actually, people were complaining to Coach Saban that there was a big dude over here fishing in our lake and they had to figure out it was me because I was a rookie at the time, and I was fishing through camp, fishing all through the season. "I actually sprained my ankle and missed practice jumping off a boat fishing on a day off and had to tell Coach Saban I got hurt fishing, so that was a funny conversation. I'm addicted. I love it." During the six years he played for the Dolphins, Crowder got into offshore fishing — he loves to fish all night for yellowtail snapper — as well as fishing for bass in the canals in...

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