Families spend more on caring for aging parents, than raising kids

February 13, 2017
in Kids

Autoplay:Ad will start in 5Skip ad00:00Fullscreenx CLEVELAND, Ohio - Parenting, is often called the toughest job. “You can read all the books you want, and then the second you see them you automatically start going to a different plan,” said new dad, Mark Williams. Veronica McGee can relate. “You don't really notice how much you're juggling until after you fall down," Veronica McGee said. But she's not raising a baby. 10 years ago, McGee became the full time caregiver for her mother after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. “It hurts when you see that aging part of your parents," she said. Working a full time job, and taking care of her grand-daughter as well, McGee told me she had no clue how much it would cost her, financially and emotionally....

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