Fighting for Kids in the Gender Revolution

January 7, 2017
in Kids

Julie Tarney Despite the fact that a team of anti-LGBTQ extremists and equal rights obstructionists will soon fill key White House and cabinet positions, I am resolved this year to remain fearless. I will not back down or stand by and watch our country’s progress be rolled back. The countless non-profit organizations, activist groups, journalists and many others who are speaking out and standing up for the betterment of all fortify me. I am focused on the change I want to see and experience. And I am driven by optimism ― hopeful we can instill it in all of today’s youth, regardless of their color, ethnicity, abilities, gender or sexual orientation. Thanks to the generous chiropractor who lent me her waiting room copy of National Geographic’s special issue, “Gender Revolution,” I’m reminded of the power education and knowledge have to change hearts and minds. We must all find teachable moments to influence attitudes, beliefs and behaviors about what it means to be human, and to rethink the gender binary of boy and girl. (Based on the special issue,...

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