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For Safer Internet Day, online security tips for parents and kids

February 8, 2017
in Kids

Tuesday is Safer Internet Day, an annual event calling attention to the need for more safety-conscious online behavior every day of the year. “We want to make sure kids are staying safe when they’re online,” Callahan Walsh of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children told CBS News. The group’s tip line received 8 million reports last year of cyberbullying, online predators, and a relatively new offense known as “sex-tortion.” In those cases, he explained, perpetrators are “finding an explicit image of a child by different means, it could be hacking an account ... and using it to blackmail the child for further images.” The organization has created an animated campaign to educate kids (and parents) about how to recognize and respond to common threats in cyberspace. “Through different activities we try to empower kids to make good decisions on their own,” Walsh said. Studies show 1 in 3 children say they’ve been victims of cyberbullying. The threat spans across the range of technology and activities favored by...

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