For ‘Train Kids,’ the Second Avenue Is a Dream Come True

January 9, 2017
in Kids

I had never asked my six-year-old son about his dreams before, and he had never brought it up. But last Monday, his book of choice at bedtime, “Steam Train, Dream Train,” gave me an opening. “Dreams are the things you think about when you are sleeping,” I explained. “What do you dream about?” “Trains!” he answered. His voice was so confident, and his answer so fitting, that I was sure he understood me. As it happened, a train dream came true for New Yorkers last week. With great fanfare, the city unveiled a new stretch of the subway along 2nd Avenue, a project that took almost a century to bring into being. Most city dwellers can tell you that the congestion on the subways along Manhattan’s east side is severe, and the new train extension is expected to bring long-overdue relief. A spanking-new city subway line is also a big deal for “train kids” like mine. New York is a place where kids memorize the subway maps and see the world through a subway lens. And for many children affected by autism, like my son, the trains take on a mythic status, becoming a joy and a fixation. Trains may appeal to people on the autism spectrum because of...

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