Forestry in their future? Community Forestry Day targets kids

February 5, 2017
in Kids

It takes a week to transform the Schreiber Gym from an old, forgotten building on the University of Montana’s campus to the saloon-style wonderland that works as the pine-scented setting for UM’s annual Foresters' Ball. Still, organizer Alex Williams said the ball takes nearly a year of planning, and almost all the materials used to build the woody dance hall are donated from community members. In an effort to reach a wider variety of people while thanking the Missoula community for their donations, Williams said the Forestry Scholarship Association started Community Forestry Day, during which parents can bring their children to see the famous Foresters' Ball venue. “That’s why it’s so important for us to give back to the Missoula community, because they give us so much,” Williams said at the fifth Community Forestry Day Saturday. “It’s free and open to the public, and parents can come and let the kids run around and have fun.” Nearly 400 people came and went through Schreiber on Saturday, Williams said, including various excited children who repeatedly dashed up the stairs to the entrance of a giant wood slide. Others watched in awe as...

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