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Get Qurious Maker Box Introduces Kids to Augmented Reality Play

January 29, 2017
in Kids

Pokémon Go got many people to engage with an augmented reality game for the first time. But Los Gatos startup Get Qurious wants to expose even younger kids to AR games through tactile play. The company has introduced the Get Qurious Maker Box, which combines physical game cards with an interactive digital world. Using AR imaging, you can use the physical game cards to spur storytelling animations on the iPad. It is targeted at children ages 4 to 9. You play by holding a physical game piece — such as a picture of a cartoon pig — in front of the iPad’s camera. The app recognizes the pig and triggers an animation. The first Maker Box takes the classic “Three Little Pigs” story and brings it to life as an animated storybook through the app, the interactive story cards, puzzles, a sticker book, and pretend play masks. “The idea is to have a lot of physical activities, using their hands and crafting,” said Manoj Jacob, cofounder of Get Qurious, in an interview with GamesBeat. “Normally, kids engaging with an app are just sitting still and looking at a screen.” Get Qurious helps children learn concepts of logic, critical thinking, reading comprehension, and creativity through physical play and 3D storytelling. The idea is to enable multi-modal learning in children by engaging all of their senses. “We were inspired by the need to blend education and entertainment,” said Sesh Sareday, cofounder of Get Qurious. “While everyone has been excited about mobile devices, people are concerned about the addiction to screens. What’s been left out is the physical play. This is a...

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