Girls Don’t Need the Women’s March

January 21, 2017
in Kids

Right this very minute, American women are serving overseas in the military, protecting our interests and freedom. Right this very minute, American women are taking care of their young children at home, cooking meals, washing laundry, running errands, reading to their kids and playing with them. Right this very minute, hardworking moms of all ages are pulling double shifts in factories, supermarkets, farms, stores and small businesses — all to keep America and their families running. Then there are the women who have decided to march in protest of President Donald Trump, “for their rights,” they say, which they claim are in jeopardy. These women, for all their supposed power, could not get their fatally flawed candidate elected president. So today they are throwing one giant tantrum, marching in major cities around the nation and the world. The Washington, D.C., march is expected to be the largest of the marches in cities that include Sydney, London, Tokyo and New York, Reuters reported. Moms, take a few minutes to debunk the march and equip your girls with the following facts: 1.) These hard-core feminists are ‘protesting’ things that have not happened. President Trump was inaugurated Friday. Unlike the civil rights marchers of the past — who were already being segregated, who already had limited job opportunities, who already suffered — these ultra-liberals do not even know what this administration will bring. They’re holding a pre-emptive protest. One marcher said as much with a post on “The Diane Rehm Show” website: “I am going to stand up for all people who could be victims of what we sadly see happening these last weeks. I may not be in need of the services of Planned Parenthood any...

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