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GizmoTab – Verizon’s new $80 Tablet for Kids

December 4, 2016
in Kids

Looking for a good kid-friendly tablet? One that is very durable and not too expensive? Enter the GizmoTab by Verizon. Verizon may be on to something with their new GizmoTab. Sure, you may already have a tablet that you regularly give to your children to pacify them. But this tablet stands out because it comes preloaded with unlimited access to 300 premium learning apps. This make sure that children don’t just play games, but they learn while they play. Photo Source: CNET "With the addition of the GizmoTab, Verizon has created a portfolio of family products that parents can trust and their children will enjoy for years to come," said Jeffrey Dietel, vice president, wireless devices, Verizon. "Since the launch of the Verizon Gizmo product line, we spent a lot of time listening to what our customers wanted in a...

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