‘Greedy Halloween kids’ empty an unattended candy bowl and divide a D.C. neighborhood

November 2, 2016
in Kids

(The Washington Post) The duo were dubbed the “greedy Halloween kids” in a posting accompanying a security camera video on a neighborhood listserv. In the video, the pair are seen taking a healthy share — the whole bowl, in fact — of treats from a black cauldron on the front porch of a home on Garrison Street in Northwest Washington. One of the two children can be seen unzipping her backpack and dumping the entire bowl of candy inside. Then a boy with her takes some of the candy from her backpack and puts it into his bag. The children appear to be elementary or middle school students. The video, which appeared to originate from a Tenleytown neighborhood listserv and was cross-posted to a Chevy Chase listserv, was posted after Halloween by a...

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