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High School Kids Will Be Lectured on Their ‘Inherent White Bias’

February 7, 2017
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New Trier High School is holding a mandatory All-School Seminar Day on Feb. 28, which is supposed to cover diversity topics. But the program — called “Understanding Today’s Struggle for Racial Civil Rights” — is incredibly flawed. It’s not in the least bit diverse. Instead, it seeks to educate white students about their “inherent bias” — and will feature radical speakers and workshop topics as part of the program. The high school, in the suburbs north of Chicago on two separate campuses in Winnetka and Northfield, Illinois, has 4,000 students and an annual per-pupil expenditure of $25,000, according to Betsy Hart, a parent with two children in the high school. Parents have tried to get involved, only to be completely shut out. Hart and other parents have tried to talk to the administration about their concerns over the program, including the paid speakers at the event who have a radical agenda. For example, Monica Trinidad, who is scheduled to teach a class called, “We Charge Genocide: An Emergence of a Continued Movement,” once posted to Twitter a picture of police on horseback with the caption, “Get them animals off those horses.” Her other divisive posts included a picture of her self-described “light reading” of a book entitled, “Conspiracy to Riot in Furtherance of Terrorism.” Planned topics during Seminar Day for these high school students include: “Disney and Racial Stereotypes,” “Tracing Food Inequality: Food Deserts In Chicago,” and “Understanding Implicit Bias: Being Biased Doesn’t Make You a Bad Person.” "A perusal of the list of workshops being offered makes it clear this will be more about white privilege and less about solutions," said Hart, who notes that the student body of New Trier is about 80 percent white. "They [the administration] are not really interested in challenging the kids — we want them to think for themselves, and we want diverse discussions. Let's also talk to some black ministers who are doing amazing work to reach kids before they join gangs. If we teach that all racial disparities are systemic racism — that means you can never talk about the things that would really help the black community. It's a real lost opportunity."...

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