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Hockey Helps Kids 2nd Annual Charity Cup Launches

January 17, 2017
in Kids

Voting begins today, ends February 16, 2017 at midnight (Edmonton, AB) - Rogers Place was rocking as nearly 2,000 Junior High School students ascended to the arena today to officially launch the 2nd annual Hockey Helps Kids Charity Cup. Building off last year's success, Hockey Helps Kids allows kids from around the city to learn the value of social responsibility and community outreach, while supporting an array of local charities and strengthening the relationship between the Oilers and the community. A one-of-a-kind project in the National Hockey League. Hockey Helps Kids, co-founded by Chloe and Harrison Katz, children of Oilers Entertainment Group Chairman Daryl Katz and his wife Renee, made its debut last year and has returned as a key program for the Edmonton Oilers 2016-17 Inaugural Season at Rogers Place after its incredibly successful and engaging campaign last year. The project is funded by the Katz family and administered by the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation (EOCF), who helped connect the Katz children with four local Edmonton schools. This year's 2nd annual Hockey Helps Kids Charity Cup launched with the four new local schools participating in this year's program including, St. Edmund, John D. Bracco, Highlands and Father Michael Troy....

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