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“I feel bewildered by what I saw”: Kids around the world react to Trump’s victory

November 9, 2016
in Kids

Trumped up. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci) Quartz asked parents and teachers around the world to collect their kids’ reactions to the election. Trump won. How do you feel? Lily, 14, East Melbourne, Australia: “Trump won the election yesterday and I feel bewildered by what I saw. I am incredibly surprised by what took place last night, it was the complete opposite of what I assumed would take place. I am slightly scared by the thought of someone like Donald Trump running such a large and significant country.” Nola, 12, Berlin: “I feel he’s not the right person to win. I feel sad. Angry mainly, I guess. A bit scared of what’s going to happen next.” Yassa, 11, Sargodha, Pakistan: “I don’t feel that good.” Zoe, 14, dual American-Austrian who grew up in Holland and now lives in Germany: “America is going to go up in flames, simply put.” Kian, 10, Iranian-British boy in London: “I feel that it is America’s choice they have voted for him. But I feel annoyed and really ashamed of the Americans’ choice.” Florian, 12, dual American-Austrian citizen, grew up in Holland and now lives in Germany: “I feel like he will start World War III and he will do the opposite of what his campaign is, and he is really going to screw up America.” Will Donald Trump make a good president? Jacopo, 13, Varese, Italy: “I don’t think so. He doesn’t know how to use his Twitter account and so I presume he will be hopeless at nuclear codes.”...

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