Ikea To Pay Families Of Kids Who Died From Falling Dressers $50 Million

December 23, 2016
in Kids

Owing to the tragic and wrongful deaths of three toddlers due to dressers toppling, Ikea has agreed to pay a total amount $50 million to the families of the deceased kids. ( The ready-to-assemble furniture company, Ikea, has decided to pay $50 million to the families of the three kids who got crushed and died under falling dressers. Ikea Distributed Free Kit To Make Unsecured Dressers Safe In June, after the incidents of wrongful deaths of the three toddlers, Ikea acknowledged the tip-over danger of its dressers and commenced a public relations movement, asking customers with unsafe company dressers to collect free wall anchor kits from the outlets and secure them. However, according to company records, out of millions of dressers sold, only 300,000 customers came to procure the security kits. Later, owing to low turn-around of customers and further reports of child injuries, Ikea announced recalling of about 29 million dressers feared to be unsafe. The furniture seller had also declared...

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