Yoga,Cold wave

Indoor recess helps kids cope with winter cold snap

January 6, 2017
in Kids

Video (02:05) : Afternoon Star Tribune Local Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) Weather Video Forecast Lane huffed and puffed while counting up to 30. “Oh, no,” the 9-year-old said, struggling to hold the plank pose on the carpet of L.H. Tanglen Elementary in Hopkins Public Schools. From yoga poses to interactive videos, elementary schools around the Twin Cities are finding ways to keep students like Lane safe from extreme cold while still getting their recess time. “We realized that indoor recess can oftentimes lead to rough afternoons if students don’t have the chance to burn that energy off,” said Jim Hebeisen, principal at L.H. Tanglen. At Lane’s school, counselor Abby Bracke introduced aerobic and yoga stations for students as an indoor recess option this year. Students got their first shot at the activities during the recent cold snap. Students tried whistle breathing, jumping jacks and tree poses at eight stations around the school on Thursday. DAVID JOLES Lane, a fourth-grader, finds the planking station to be the most difficult. “It’s really hard, kind of,” he said. “You have to hold your body up with just your arms.” At another station, students performed 25 jumping...

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