Inspiring Your Kids to be More Financially Responsible Than You

February 3, 2017
in Kids

Being a parent, I’m sure you’ve thought about your children from time to time and wanted nothing but the best for them. Having kids is awesome, the hope that we have in them is to have a greater life than we have. We aim to teach our children good morals and hope that they end up better off than we did. We can teach and talk and preach until we are blue in the face, but if we aren’t walking the walk, our kids are still going to pick up our bad habits. This is because more is caught than taught by our kids of today. Whatever we are doing, our kids are right there listening and learning and mimicking what we are doing. So, what can we do this week that can help inspire your children to be more responsible that we are today? We have to actually be the good that we want our children to become. By straightening out your situation first, your children will see this and start to learn from what you are doing. This means that you should be doing three things with your finances, giving some of your money and time, saving some of your money for emergencies and bigger purchases, and spending on things that make life more enjoyable but not materialistic. We have been out of debt almost the entire time my two daughters have been alive. We are raising them without credit cards and only purchasing things that we can afford. Plus, we continue to save and invest and live on less than we make. By doing this, I am...

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