Mock election

IUSA stages mock election for kids

November 7, 2016
in Kids

IU STUDENT ASSOCIATION More stories The IU Student Association Outreach Committee worked with College Mentors for Kids to stage a mock election along with other games for elementary schoolers from Bloomington. The event, which took place Wednesday and Thursday nights with two different groups of students, was designed to teach young children about the way democracy works, especially as the presidential election approaches. The children played election bingo, which featured pictures of different parts of an election, watched Kid President videos and ultimately chose a president from seven candidates. Jordan Austin, the chief of the Outreach Committee, said the committee and College Mentors for Kids wanted to create an engaging event kids would connect with while teaching them about the complex structure of democracy. The children learned about the federal structure but also about student government at the collegiate level. “Democracy is important, and we’re happy to share that knowledge with kids,” Austin said. The committee also worked to get on the children’s level and put ideas to them in ways they would more easily understand. “Kid President makes it easier for kids to understand things that are happening in the world,” Austin said. Gianna Mills, a freshman...

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