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‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’: Kids share hilarious thoughts on presidential candidates

October 20, 2016
in Kids

Kimmel with the candidate Raniya said looked like a carrot.

Clear the panels for these kid commentators.

Jimmy Kimmel assembled a focus group of three darlings – Quinn, Raniya, and Franki – to discuss the debate and presidential candidates.

And it's like Raniya has been reading our group messages – we need to step up our use of the invisible ink feature. When asked if she liked the debate, she totally nailed why it was so taxing. “No, ‘cause they argue a lot,” she said, adding later, “It was pretty annoying.”

The late night host also spent some time educating his precocious panel. He blew the children’s minds when he told them Clinton attended Trump’s wedding to Laura Benanti Melania in 2005. Kimmel also identified Clinton and Trump’s running mates, Tim Kaine and Mike Pence, respectively. Quinn thought Pence had a friendlier face than Trump, adding, “Donald Trump seems like he’s losing his mind everyday.”

Click play on the video above to see what happened when Kimmel went from focus group moderator to matchmaker.

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