Keeping kids occupied on a snow day

January 25, 2017
in Kids

NORWICH, Vt. - While most kids across the state had no school Tuesday, some just couldn't stay away. About a half dozen daredevils took to the slopes at Union Elementary School in Montpelier for sledding action. Even though there wasn't much snow in sight, the slush and sleet were OK with them. And unlike a normal school day, they say playground rules “didn’t apply.” But there are other ways to spend a snow day. The instruments were getting a little extra use Tuesday at the Montshire Museum's new exhibit. Nora Criswell/4: Because it's closed. Reporter Adam Sullivan: Why is it closed? Nora Criswell: Because it's a no school day. And that means this little drummer spent the whole day with her grandfather. "She's at the Montessori school in Lebanon and it's Poppa day," Cris Criswell said. The Montshire...

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