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Kellyanne Conway on raising kids, working: ‘I don’t play golf, and I don’t have a mistress’

December 22, 2016
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Kellyanne Conway has a message for pundits who question her ability to hold down a job in the nation’s capital while raising kids — they should save the concern for adulterers and golf fanatics. The Republican pollster who helped engineer President-elect Donald Trump’s winning 2016 campaign officially accepted the job of White House counselor on Thursday. With that decision came questions about being a mother of four with the time-consuming task of advising the next commander in chief. Mrs. Conway told Fox News Business on Thursday that many D.C. professionals make the job harder than it needs to be by not having their priorities straight. SEE ALSO: Kellyanne Conway, ‘tireless and tenacious advocate,’ selected as Donald Trump’s counselor “We were talking with [Fox News contributor] Juan Williams earlier,...

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