Kids and Money: These three books have you covered

January 2, 2017
in Kids

Whenever a new book lands on my desk about coaching kids to be responsible with money, I run it through my filters to see what the author has to offer. Is the book written for parents or the kids? Is it entertaining and full of personal anecdotes, or as dull as an economics textbook? Is it a quick, enjoyable read or one that will take weeks to slog through? Does the author include other useful assets, including worksheets and glossaries? Are the issues up-to-date or old-style?As it turns out, three recently published books passed my test. All three are geared to different audiences, and all offer different approaches to teaching kids their financial ABCs."O.M.G. Official Money Guide for College Students" is a family affair. Susan Beacham and husband Michael Beacham, creators of the Money Savvy piggy bank, have teamed with their daughter and recent college graduate, Allison Beacham, on this book project.More of a pamphlet, the "Official Money Guide for College Students" ($12.95, Money Savvy Generation) is a short, breezy 52-pager that covers important life skills. Topics include identity theft, choosing a bank, paying off student loans, off-campus vs. on-campus living, budgeting and donating to charities.What I like is the perspective of a 25-year-old two years into her after-college job. The book includes not just...

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