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Kids Co-op offers parents a unique alternative to preschool in Clark County

Teacher Bonnie Toth has two adults to help her as she juggles a busy classroom of 2-year-olds at the Kids Co-op Preschool. They’re not teachers — they’re parents completing their required classroom time as part of the preschool’s unique setup. Through the cooperative model, parents put in work to operate the school. They assist in classrooms a few days a month, serve on various committees tasked with different responsibilities and ultimately keep the program of roughly 65 students running. In exchange, they receive a lower tuition: $194 per month for two days a week, $285 for three days or $384 for four days. “When the parents come in in the morning, I check with them really quick and I say, ‘Here are my goals for today,’” Toth said. On a recent early morning, she’s flanked by two parents assisting with motor-skill activities in both corners of her classroom. For many Clark County parents — and other parents across the nation — preschool means either long wait lists for free public programs or paying for private ones, which can cost $450 per month or more in the area. Kids Co-op offers a slightly cheaper alternative. Tuition and fees cover most of the Kids Co-op’s roughly $275,000 operating budget, said Board of Directors President Angela Blagg. The school typically covers the remaining cost of about $50,000 through fundraising. Blagg touts the program as a convenient, affordable option. “We pay a certain amount of tuition and fees, but...

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