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Kids Fund grants help low-income children learn gardening

December 14, 2016
in Kids

Community Groundworks is a Madison-based nonprofit that’s been around since 2001. Originally known as the Friends of Troy Gardens, the nonprofit worked with more than a thousand youngsters this past year, mostly on the city’s north side. They learned how to plant gardens, how to care for them, when to harvest the plants and how to prepare them for meals — skills they can use for the rest of their lives. Community Groundworks was just one among 55 nonprofits in Dane County that received grants this year from The Capital Times Kids Fund, all made possible by the generosity of our readers. You can help fund next year’s grants by making a contribution of any amount to The Kids Fund, c/o The Capital Times, PO Box 8060, Madison WI 53708. Or you can go to thekidsfund.org, click on the “Donate” button and give using your credit card. All donations are 100 percent tax-deductible and go a long way to support programs that address the challenges facing young folks in our communities. Following is a list of recent contributors to The Kids Fund: Randi Leeder, Madison, in memory of her daughter, Angie Rae Meier: $50 Rosemarie Lester, Madison: $15 Constance Knop, Oregon : $20 Steve and Sherry O’Connor, Verona: $25 Alice and Marc Hansen, Fitchburg: $25 Scott and Gayle Elsner, Verona: $50 Frederick Cross, Madison: $10 Nancy Olmstead, Cross Plains: $50 Carol and John Schmid, Jr., Madison: $10 Cary Hatfield, Madison: $25 Daniel Walker, Madison: $50 Judy Colletti, Madison: $50 Mary Schroth, Verona: $250 Doris Kox, Madison: $25 J.C. and L.A. Johnson, Monona: $50 Kenneth Alt, Fitchburg: $50 Josephine Ferguson, Madison: $50 Larry Hess, Madison, in honor of Anthony and Rachel Hess: $25 Laurie and Dwight Luetscher, Middleton: $100 John and...

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