Kids Health Matters: Keeping kids active

January 25, 2017
in Kids

Experts come to the rescue with tips on keeping your children active when it's cold and gray outdoors. On snow days, it's easy for most kids to get enough exercise. Sometimes, the hard part is getting them back inside. But what about the rest of winter? Rachel DeHaven of Children's Hospital says it's a yearly challenge for families in the Healthy Weight program. "They're doing great over summer, progressing really well," said DeHaven. So, she says - Get Creative! "Dance parties, freeze dance is really popular. Twister - family twister," added DeHaven. Got a few glow sticks? Have a party. DeHaven says, "They just turn the lights off, and for 15 minutes, just dance." For kids who love animals, try a movement jar - put the names of animals and how they move into a jar. Draw one, then act it out....

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