Home invasion,Clayton County, Georgia

Kids killed in home invasion, neighbors stunned

October 24, 2016
in Kids

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JONESBORO, GA (WSB) - Two children in suburban Atlanta are dead after an early morning home invasion.

The shooting incident occurred sometime early Saturday morning in Clayton County.

A family member shared these family photos of 15-year-old Daveon Coates and 11-year-old Tatiyana Coates.

Neighbors on Libby Lane were stunned to learn of the deaths.

They told us the family had just moved into the house less than a month ago and would often see the family's five kids playing in the yard.

Clayton County police say around five Saturday morning, one of the kids called 911 saying someone broke into the front door and shot Daveon and Tatiyana.

Officers arrived and found both dead.

The other children were not hurt.

Police soon found their parents who were not home at the time.

Detectives interviewed the parents and are talking to the surviving kids.

Police have not given a possible motive or determined why the home may have been targeted but the chief says they're working leads and using every possible resource to find the shooter.

Anyone with information that could be helpful to this case are asked to contact the authorities.

Steve Gehlbach reporting.

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