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Kids learn science in Newtown through winter fun

December 18, 2016
in Kids

NEWTOWN - Five-year-old Makayla Wanat of Redding grins as she drips vinegar, dyed blue with food coloring, onto her snowman — a mound of frozen water and baking soda. Wanat and the other kids at Everwonder Children’s Museum are participating in an experiment to see what happens when you mix an acid, such as vinegar, with a base, such as baking soda. As the vinegar and baking soda mix, they react to create a gas, forming bubbles and melting the snowmen. Soon, the kids grow tired of using their dropper and dump the cup of vinegar directly onto their snowmen. “Do you notice when you pour it in, it reacts much faster than when you do it slowly?” Robyn Abrams, who led the experiment, asked the kids. Wanat looks down at her bowl of blue melted mush. “Now my snowman is dead,” she said. “I need another one.” Everwonder held a “Winter Wonderland” event Sunday. The afternoon included observing how fast a snowman would melt inside as compared to outside, snowmen arts and crafts, and a chance to explore the...

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