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Kids Need to Know About Guns and Gun Safety

December 16, 2016
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Many people called for tighter gun restrictions in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School attack in Newton, Connecticut — and did so again, on the fourth anniversary of the tragedy this week. Yet I know from personal experience that guns in the hands of trained and licensed owners is a good thing. The right to bear arms is a fundamental constitutional right. The safest gun owner is the well-trained gun owner. That is a fact that not even the most liberal of liberals can debate. Proper training prevents reckless accidents. So why, then, does the Left so harshly oppose teaching children about guns and gun safety? Most times, it is a child’s curiosity that causes a firearms-related tragedy. We all have seen the news reports about a curious child picking up a gun owned by a parent — and then the unthinkable happens. These accidents are hard to read about or see on TV. As a parent, I cannot even imagine what that must do to the entire family of that poor child. I was single when I bought my first handgun. There were no kids in the picture, and I kept my gun on the nightstand next to my bed. After marrying, I taught my wife to shoot, taking her to a gun range in Jacksonville, Florida, where we lived, to train. Eventually we were blessed with a son, and having a gun in the house presented a small challenge. I wanted quick access to my weapon, but didn’t want the unimaginable to ever happen. We bought a gun safe. That was an easy answer when our son was a toddler. To view this page ensure that Adobe Flash Player version 10.2.0 or greater is installed. As he grew, I gradually introduced him to guns, like millions of other fathers do, focusing on both handling and safety. Initially, it was the gratuitous spring-loaded BB gun that allowed me to lay the groundwork of keeping the gun pointed in a safe direction, and keeping his finger off the trigger until it was time to shoot. When he was around six years old, we moved up to a .22 caliber rifle. This weapon taught him to respect what a real firearm can do. The kickback let him feel the power of the gun. When my wife and I took a training class in...

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