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Kids' talking toys accused of sharing their secrets

December 7, 2016
in Kids

That internet-connected talking toy you bought your kid may be putting their privacy at risk without your knowledge or consent, according to a coalition of consumer-interest organizations. A complaint filed Tuesday with the US Federal Trade Commission alleges that Genesis Toys, the makers of "smart" kids toys -- the My Friend Cayla doll and the i-Que Intelligent Robot -- and speech-recognition software maker Nuance Communications are violating rules that protect children's privacy and prohibit unfair and deceptive practices. Enlarge ImageThe My Friend Cayla doll may not be your friend at all, according to a complaint filed with the FTC. The complaint (PDF), filed by the Electronic Privacy Information Center and the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood, among others, alleges that the toys record conversations and transmit the audio files through an app to a remote server operated by Nuance without first getting parents' consent. That, the coalition charges, violates the Children's Online Privacy Protection...

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