Kids write letters asking Trump to "be kind"

November 18, 2016
in Kids

Facebook/Dear President Trump: Letters from Kids About Kindness People have been experiencing and expressing lots of different emotions about Donald Trump’s election. As a result, a Washington state mother thought it might be good for kids to have an outlet to process how they’re feeling about the president-elect. So she turned to social media. To let kids know their actions can go a long way, Molly Spence Sahebjami started the Facebook group Dear President: Letters from Kids about Kindness. To say it’s caught on quickly would be an understatement. The idea was simple -- Sahebjami invited kids to write letters to Mr. Trump telling him how he can be more kind. Here, Annie proudly displays with her letter to President-elect Trump. “The power of this movement comes from the kindness and unity we can teach our children,” Sahebjami said on the group board. “This isn’t about policies -- it’s about high standards of basic human kindness that ALL parents can get behind.” Carrie, a mom on the page who asked that her last name not be used, said her daughter Annie was excited to get involved. “Being president requires making good decisions,” reads Annie’s letter. “Personally, I think blocking out people from other races isn’t a good decision.” Annie details the races and...

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