Layton mom pleaded with carjacker to let her take her kids before he took car

January 17, 2017
in Kids

(KUTV) A Layton mother of two experienced horrifying moments Friday as her car was stolen with her children still inside. It’s a crime that played out in front of Amber Pollard’s apartment complex on Friday afternoon as she was getting into her car with her boyfriend and two young boys Brayden, 3, and Julian, 7 months. “And then here comes this guys from the left side of the building just running,” Pollard said, speaking about about what happened for the first time. Pollard said the man, who police say was Tyler Allen Williams, 26, then jumped in the front seat and started yelling, “cops, the cops man, the cops” Pollard said while her boyfriend tried to get Williams out of the driver’s seat, she pleaded with...

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