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Lego’s fight to capture kids imagination in a digital world

November 11, 2016
in Kids

More than 80 years since it began work in a small carpenter's workshop, Lego continues to carve its way into the hearts of children. From physical toys and clothing, to blockbuster movies and theme parks, Lego remains determined to build new ideas off of its small but powerful two-by-four brick — and the work certainly seems to be paying off with consumers. In 2015, the toymaker was named the "World's Most Powerful Brand" by Brand Finance, in its ranking of the world's 500 most valuable and most powerful brands. It has since been found in the top 100 of Interbrand's "Best Global Brands 2016" report, and came in third place in the ranking's "top growing brands", behind Facebook and Amazon. Yet living in a world which is becoming increasingly concentrated by technology, Lego — like any other leading entertainment or toy brand out there — has had to find new ways to keep kids interested and away from constantly being glued to a screen. For Lego, it means trying to come up with something new for its young audience every year. According to the toymaker's chief marketing officer (CMO) and executive vice president,...

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