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Louisville kids embrace fast paced, bruising sport of roller derby

January 22, 2017
in Kids

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Once played only by adults, more and more kids are strapping on their skates for the bruising, fast-paced sport of roller derby. Louisville kids are playing for the River City Juniors and they're learning more than just skating skills. Eight-year old Rosie Miller suits up, lacing up her skates, strapping on her knee pads and fastening her helmet, to transform into "Thorny Rose." "It's kind of my secret identity," she said. "Thorny Rose" is the alter-ego of this lean, mean roller derby queen. "The boys at my school are like wowed when I tell them I do this," said Miller. Miller is one of the youngest members of the River City Junior Roller Derby team. While she might be tiny, she's not afraid to play rough. "You get used to the bruises and stuff," she said. Once played exclusively by adults, the fast paced full-contact sport is attracting kids...

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